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Digital video camera
Video production is the process of creating and editing video content.

In traditional film-making the end result is a film reel, but in modern video production the end result is a large computer file, normally MP4, MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group), AVI (Audio Video Interleave), WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Quicktime), QT, AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding, High Definition), MKV (Matroska Format), FLV (Flash Format).

There are three stages of video production :-

  1. Pre-production is the planning process before filming begins. This includes script-writing, scheduling, casting, make-up, logistics and other administrative duties.

  2. Production is the actual capturing of the video content with a digital camera onto some kind of media like the camera's internal hard drive (normally solid-state), a memory card or USB drive.

  3. Post-production is the process of combining various video clips, still images and sounds using video editor software to create a finished product.

Video editing equipment

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