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Polo is a ball game played on horseback. It is a traditional field sport and one of the world's oldest known team sports which originated in Persia (now known as Iran). The game normally lasts between one and two hours and is known as the Sport of Kings.

The official Polo season is between May and September.

The game is played by two opposing teams of four people with the objective of scoring using a long-handled wooden mallet to hit a small hard ball through the opposing team's goal. The game is played on short-cut grass.

There is a variation of the sport called Arena Polo which is played indoors but with three mounted players.

Army officers imported the game to Britain in the 1860s. The establishment of polo clubs throughout England and Western Europe followed after the formal codification of rules.

Now, many years later, Polo can be enjoyed all over the UK, with London being a particular hot-spot. Polo matches in or around London are often hosted by various networks and clubs around London. Further details can be found on the London Events page.

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Luxe Club Polo event 2022

Polo match in London
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