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Layla Bar
Jeru is in Mayfair and consists of a bar (Layla), a restaurant and a bakery.

The mysterious and seductive Layla cocktail bar is designed to help guests settle in, relax and enjoy the company of friends. Layla is a sophisticated cocktail bar with lush banquette seating, serving fine wines, spirits and high-end specialist cocktails using flavour elements and ingredients of the Middle East.

The Layla Bar overlooks the ultra-chic lower-level dining room features, on rotation, London’s finest DJ’s accompanied by live percussion and saxophone to enhance the high energy pulse of Mayfair.

The venue space is an eclectic and multi layered high-end restaurant that serves a premium al a carte menu and comprising its own bakery, sophisticated wine bar, theatrical dining space and a unique Layla Bar; the space offering an aspirational lifestyle offering.

Some examples of events hosted at this venue :-

  • Designer Fashion Pop-ups are hosted at semiregular intervals around London's most prestigious venues.

  • Crypto Social is for anyone in the crypto, DeFi or NFT space. So far two events have been hosted here; 20th Apr and 25th May 2022.

  • Studio Y Interior Design & Branding A journey and collaboration across continents between Studio Y and Chef Royner.

  • Nic Crilly - Hargrave Photography From @ariarestaurant Down Under @chefroyner bringing his flavours to London.

DJ Decks at Layla

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