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Russian BallWith over eight million inhabitants, London is a hive of social activity. There are many clubs (some private) and networks that organise events on a huge scale.

Because of the city's vast diverse population, there are thousands of categories of events that should suit everyone's taste. Many of these are free, but many require payment varying from a few £10s to £100s right up to £1,000s, depending on the event host.

Here are a few categories that have regular events hosted :-

Fashion in London bloomed in the 18th century because of the expertise of the tailors. London is now a global Fashion Hot-spot, rivalling Paris, Milan and even New York.

  • London Fashion Week is held every year. 2022 was presented by Clearpay and took place from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th June in The Strand as a digital-physical hybrid, showcasing both women's and men's designer labels. The digital platform was freely accessible to everyone, industry professionals and global fashion consumers alike.

  • London Fashion Gala is hosted by SMGlobal Catwalk, which is the registered trademark of an International Fashion Corporation which produces Fashion Shows & Events in several Fashion Capitals of the world. They host fashion events throughout the year in fashion hot-spots like London, New York, Milan, Paris, Dubai and Dallas.

  • Designer Pop-up is hosted by The Luxe Club, based in London. The events are hosted every few weeks and are often attended by 30~60 people in the design and fashion industry. The last one was on 5th May 2022 at Nolita Social, Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge.

Cryptocurrencies includes coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are normally bought and sold via exchanges.

  • Crypto Social is hosted by The Luxe Club, based in Chelsea. The events are hosted every few weeks and are attended by many in the DeFi & Metaverse.

    Polo is a ball game played on horseback. It is a traditional field sport and one of the world's oldest known team sports. The game normally lasts between one and two hours. Polo is played by two opposing teams of four people with the objective of scoring using a long-handled wooden mallet to hit a small hard ball through the opposing team's goal. Polo season is between May and September

  • Chestertons Polo in the Park is a firm fixture in the city's social calendar. The unique, fast-paced format makes one of the oldest equestrian sports easier for both newcomers to follow and dedicated polo fans to enjoy the excitement.

  • Ham Polo Club is situated at the edge of Richmond Park. The club is situated on 25 acres of beautiful scenery next door to the National Trust’s Ham House. Next to the river, close to transport links, ample complimentary parking; it is the perfect escape for all.

  • Extraordinary London invites you to join them for a truly extraordinary experience at London’s oldest polo club. Watch competitive polo from either a shared table in the clubhouse or your own smaller table on the lawn outside.

  • The Luxe Club invites its members to watch Polo events 2 ~ 3 per year. It also hosts a variety of other themed events including pop-up fashion and crypto social around London.

    Surprisingly, the crypto events proved very popular, often drawing 40 to 80 guests per event. The next event will probably have the attendees talking about bear markets, crypto-crashes, Wyckoff accumulation cycles, are we at the bottom of the market and more.

    Attending London events is a brilliant way to make new friends, business partners and perhaps new lovers.

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