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Luxe Crypto Social
Crypto Social is hosted by The Luxe Club (Premium Networking) and caters for crypto experts, traders, algo-developers, enthusiasts or merely crypto curious, this monthly event offers you a unique opportunity to learn and connect with like-minded professionals in the Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), NFT (Non-fungible Tokens), DeFi (De-centralised Finance) or Blockchain arena in London's most prestigious, luxurious and historical venues.

It is hoped that crypto social will become the premier event in London for all kinds of crypto including NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Salima Manji & Mandy Fields
Events in 2024 :-

  • End of Jan Due to the emerging bull-run, Luxe Club will be hosting more Crypto Social events ... watch this space.

Events in 2023 :-

  • Jan 23 was held in Home Grown Private Member's Club, First Floor Club Room, 44 Great Cumberland Place, W1H 7BS

Events in 2022 :-

  • Sep 21 was held in Home Grown Club, London. Hopefully the crypto market will have recovered a bit then. Awaiting further details ...

  • Jun 29 will again be held in Jeru, Mayfair

  • May 25 was held in Jeru, Mayfair. There was a presentation by the sponsors (Kreston Reeves Tax Experts) followed by drinks and crypto networking. There were over 80 attendees to this event from all walks of life.

  • Apr 20 was held in Jeru, Mayfair. There was a presentation by the sponsors followed by drinks and crypto networking by the 100+ attendees from all walks of the crypto world.

  • Feb 24 was held in Alberts Private Club, Chelsea. Over 40 people attended, and newcomers found it very useful to find new connections and friends.

  • Many other events in London can be seen here.

The Metaverse

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