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Blacks Private Club was established in 1732 by Christopher Wren's apprentice and is located in Soho - London's naughty square mile. In 1992 it began to take its current form, named Blacks.

The club is unique and always inviting. Visitors often uncover a new type of club with the spirit of Soho at Blacks. Synonymous with debauchery, surprise and delight, and filled with character and good conversation. Blacks Club is your refuge from the world outside.

In 2022 Blacks was purchased by Crypto Club Global and plans to be the flagship club of what will become an international group to bring the whole blockchain and web3 community together. There is a good chance they will link-up with The Luxe Club's Crypto Social events also hosted in London.

It played host to many events, including prize-giving parties hosted by British Women Artists (shown below) from 2009 until 2016.

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